Sustainable Enterprise 2023


To acknowledge Estonian companies who focus on enterprise-wide sustainable development.

Who can apply?

We invite Estonian companies who implement the principles of sustainability and circular economy and base their activities on social, economic and environmental impact to apply. They have contributed to the introduction and awareness of the Green Transition.

Evaluation criteria and process

The following economic indicators are evaluated (comprising 30% of the final result):

  1. Absolute volume of sales revenue in 2022 (10%)
  2. Increase in sales revenue in percentage in 2020 vs 2022 (10%)
  3. Increase of added value1 per employee in 2020 vs 2022 (10%)


The company must show a significant achievement in the following areas (comprising 70% of the final result):

  1. A unique product/service/business model or significant development in technology and processes that stands out for principles of sustainable development and circular economy (30%)
  2. SDG2, ESG3 or other similar principles have been implemented and disclosed by the company (15%)
  3. The company has taken significant actions to achieve energy efficiency (15%)
  4. Through its activities, the company has created added value for employees, partners, community and society (10%)


  1. Added value per employee = (labour costs including taxes + depreciation of fixed assets + business profit) / number of employees.
  2. SDG or the Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in 2015 by the United Nations as a call to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that by 2030, all people have peace and well-being. See more:
  3. ESG or Environmental Social and Corporate Governance – an environmental, social and corporate governance framework that is integrated into an organisation’s strategy to consider the needs of all organisational stakeholders (such as employees, customers and suppliers and financiers) and find ways to create more value for them. It can be considered a set of management measures and standards through which it is possible to manage the impact of a company and its products and/or services on the environment, people and the economy.