Let’s celebrate high-flying Estonian companies!

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Entrepreneurship Award

Organised by Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, the entrepreneurship competition with the longest history in Estonia is taking place for the 29th time this year. The Entrepreneurship Award is the highest national recognition for companies.

At the competition, we acknowledge outstanding, resourceful and smart Estonian companies whose consistent work has brought success to companies, their employees and the whole country. Let’s take stock of what has been accomplished and pay tribute to companies and their employees!


We encourage all companies whose story and efforts could serve as an example and inspiration to others to participate!

How the Company of the Year will be decided?

In addition to the Entrepreneurship Award, the Estonian Companies’ Competitiveness Ranking competition by Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is taking place at the same time and the Company of the Year 2024 will be selected from the best of the two competitions. The winner of the title will be announced at the gala award ceremony on 2 November.

Why should you participate and nominate a company?

By taking part in the competition, companies can highlight their outstanding solutions and implemented innovations in addition to their economic success. The title has helped awarded companies increase their credibility among potential partners and advanced their international relations. Previous participants have gladly stated that taking part in the competition has helped them acknowledge their employees and has made their company more attractive as an employer.

If you are proud of your employer or know a company whose activities should be set as an example to others, you can acknowledge these great performers by nominating them. Nominating will also make you feel good about having made a positive contribution to the success of a deserving company!


Participation in the competition brings public recognition and positive media attention.

What is the difference between participation and nomination?

All companies are welcome to participate – for this you need to fill out the application form on the website.

To recommend a company for the competition, you need to fill out a nomination form. The nominated company will be contacted and asked if they wish to continue with the participation.

Application process

A TOP 5 of each category will be compiled from the participating companies. We will organise visitations to the TOP 5 companies, which will take place from the end of July to mid-August. After that, three nominees in each category will be shortlisted and submitted to the competition jury to decide the winners of the categories.

Companies that have participated in previous years can apply again. Those who have not yet won can win this time and those who have won before can win again!


The application and nomination takes place this year in 7 different categories. You can find the exact content of the statutes as well as the application and nomination forms by clicking on ‘Read more’ next to the respective category.

Industry Digitiser 2024

We provide recognition to Estonian companies that have accomplished significant process and organisational innovation, technological capacity, productivity, sustainability as well as competitive advantage via automation, digitisation or deployment of robots.

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Exporter 2024

We acknowledge smart Estonian companies who create added value and are successful in increasing their exports.

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Innovator 2024

We acknowledge innovative Estonian companies who have implemented or launched an outstanding innovation that offers significant value to clients or society and who invest their sales revenue in research, development or innovation activities.

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Foreign Investor 2024

We acknowledge successful foreign investors operating in Estonia.

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Sustainability Developer 2024

We acknowledge Estonian companies who focus on enterprise-wide sustainable development.

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Tourism Developer 2024

We acknowledge companies that contribute to Estonia’s tourism economy through attractive tourism services and products and contribute to the faster development and wider recognition of Estonia as a tourist destination.

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Family Enterprise 2024

We acknowledge family-run enterprises that have made a sustainable contribution to the economy, social progress and the development of an entrepreneurial mindset among young people in Estonia.

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