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The winners of the „Go Global Awards“ 2022 in Tallinn are announced

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24. October 2022
4 min

The International Trade Council (ITC) event “Go Global Awards” culminated with gala evening in Tallinn. Business world’s Oscars conference and gala brought together hundreds of senior executives from the world’s most innovative manufacturers, re-manufacturers and exporters, along with representatives from government bodies, trade associations, venture capital firms and financial institutions.

„This is the first time this international event, with more than 30 years of history, took place in a nordic country, and it is no coincidence that it was Estonia,“ said Solomon Addai, ITC Senior Board Member .„First, Estonia as Estonian Business and Innovation Agency won the best Trade Promotion Agency title in the last year’s edition. And also the future vision of Estonia, its dizzyingly quick development inspired to see the story of bold decisions and agility on the very spot,“ he added.

Estonia is hailed as the world’s most advanced digital society (by the Wired magazine et al.). The legislation is transparent and built to help businesses grow and not hinder progress with red tape. In brand new International Tax Competitiveness Index 2022 Estonia has gained the highest ranking in the world.

99% of public services are online. It takes 15 minutes to establish a company and 3 minutes to file taxes. It has resulted that Estonian companies are growing and exporting products and services to over 120 countries. „Today, the only reasons a citizen needs to show up in person are to get married, divorced or to exchange property. Everything else can be done online,“ summarized James York, the member of the judging panel of the „Go Global Awards“ and Director of US Business & Innovation at Estonian Business and Innovation Agency.

As a sign of trust and high recognition to the competence in digital issues, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) was established in Tallinn already in 2008.

Conference guests were also surprised by the fact that while Estonia is a small country – only 1.3 million people live there – it has had a great success to make it bigger with the help of the most innovative people from all over the world. Today, there are already close to 100 000 e-residents and more than 20% of all new companies created in Estonia are by e-residents.

The startups created by e-residents consist even more than a quarter. „Probably many delegates got the inspiring kick in Tallinn from the fact that Estonia has the most startups, unicorns and VC investment per capita in Europe. As of today there are 10 unicorns, but the aim is to have 25 unicorns by 2025,“ James York said.

Estonia has been also a pioneer establishing world’s first nationwide AI/robot law. As a result, Starship Technologies have operated level 4 autonomous delivery robots in public streets of Estonia for over 4 years now. Estonian autonomous systems developer Cleveron has the first driverless vehicles in Europe licensed to drive on public roads across a country.

Visits to Estonian enterprises in the framework of the conference added practical view to these facts. Tourism funnel persuaded to travel again to the country, which is small in size, big in experiences and where medieval sights intertwine with modernity, accompanied with world’s most innovative and fresh tastes recognized by Michelin.

Selection of award winners:

  • Clean Tech Award – Business Finland
  • R&D Ecosystem Developer of the Year – Czech Invest
  • Green Economy Award – Ireland’s Foreign Direct Investment Agency
  • Digital Transformation Award – LuxInnovation
  • Leadership in International Trade and Investment Promotion – Germany Trade and Invest
  • Economic Development Agency of the Year – The Rhode Island Executive Office of Commerce
  • Investment Promotion Agency of the Year – Business Sweden
  • Most Creative Investment Promotion Marketing of the Year – Estonian Business and Innovation Agency
  • Trade Agency of the Year Emeritus – Estonian Business and Innovation Agency
  • International Business Diplomacy Award – MFA of Estonia, Business Diplomacy Division

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