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Estonian Business and Innovation Agency’s ESG principles are based on international climate goals and sustainable development plans. Agency contribute to the fulfillment of the “Estonia 2035” development strategy. Agency´s role in promoting sustainable development is to raise awareness and provide support through programs, grants, advice and tools.

  • encourage the implementation of sustainable technologies, products and services;
  • enhance the development of sustainable technologies, products and services;
  • enhance the internationalization of sustainable technologies, products and services.

Estonian Business and Innovation Agency contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by:

  • actively reducing the negative environmental impact of our services;
  • services are designed in such a way that they are targeted by customers who are aware of their climate impact and are engaged in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • we support activities to achieve low-emission and climate-resilient development;
  • we promote the development of production and consumption models that support the circular economy, which include sharing, leasing, repairing, renewing and reusing existing products as long as possible with the aim of extending the life cycle of products;
  • we support clients’ ambition to implement ESG management practices (i.e. risk and impact assessment across the value chain, ESG strategy, integration of ESG principles, public reporting);
  • we contribute to a just transition and regional development.
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