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We share knowledge about entering new markets

We organise seminars so that you can receive introductory information for entering the target country and networking.

Target market seminars
Work language
English, Estonian

What will be assessed at the seminars?

  • The seminar will provide information and pointers on how to succeed in the target market and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead.
  • Overview of the sector in question.
  • An introduction to the specific nature of the target country’s business culture.
  • Estonian companies share their experiences exporting to the target market.
  • In addition, information regarding networking and finding opportunities for cooperation will be shared.
  • The seminars are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Why take part in a seminar?

Get a brief overview of your target country’s economic environment and business opportunities

Respective market experts will provide advice and help

Get a clear overview of your opportunities in the target market

Other Estonian entrepreneurs will share their experiences

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