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Rapidly growing Dutch construction market requires Estonian wooden houses
Construction in the Netherlands has gained serious momentum, growing 8% in a year, but this is not sufficient to decrease the housing deficit. A solution for this ever-increasing housing shortage in the Netherlands may be found with Estonian modular and wooden houses, which can also help the Netherlands deliver on their set climate objectives. The year 2021 has adequately proven that the pandemic has had a lesser impact on the construction sector than initially feared in the Netherlands; however, while large companies are in a more complicated situation, specialist construction companies are prospering. Therefore, the downturn of 2020 can be
Market overview: Sweden bets on e-commerce
Sweden chose a different path in the fight against coronavirus – shops, restaurants, gyms and schools stayed open during the pandemic, but people were asked to keep a safe distance from others and be reasonable. Despite that, it’s predicted that Scandinavia’s biggest economy will shrink by 7% this year. COVID-19 has caused 31,000 cases and 3800 deaths in Sweden, which is more than in any other Nordic or Baltic country. Although early estimates led some to believe that Sweden’s economy would be better equipped to adapt to the new conditions, unfortunately, more recent data don’t support these claims. Minister of
The French hope to replicate Estonia’s electronic health record success
France announced an ambitious action programme in 2017 entitled ‘Action Public 2022’, which aims to digitalise the public sector, improve the quality of public services and their digital accessibility to French citizens, offer civil servants a modern working environment and cut public spending due to the optimisation of resources. French President Emmanuel Macron, a true believer in technology and entrepreneurship, sent a tweet on Twitter in 2017 saying that he would like to transform France into a start-up country, a country that would think and act like a start-up and be a home to at least 25 unicorn companies by 2025.
Estonians successfully land in Denmark’s design mecca
3daysofdesign is an annual Danish design festival for which Enterprise Estonia and partners organised a joint exhibition in the Estonian embassy in Copenhagen to introduce Estonian design companies to Danish purchasing managers. Over 20 Danish companies visited this year’s mini fair and a contract has already been made with at least one of the contacts. PULO and Kaissu, two companies that participated in the festival, explained what companies should consider regarding the Danish design market. Photo: A joint exhibition at the Estonian embassy in Copenhagen. Enterprise Estonia organised a joint exhibition introducing Estonian design along with Tallinn Design House this
Dubai is once more becoming a desired tourism and business destination
Dubai, the business capital of the United Arab Emirates, is hosting the Expo 2020 World’s Fair at the moment, where a number of Estonian companies and organisations are searching for commercial opportunities and establishing working relationships. Effective measures against COVID spread ensure the safety of participants and tourists as the number of visitors has begun to rise once again. 3.4 million people are living in Dubai, the city’s economy is specifically dependant on the economic sectors that were greatly affected during the pandemic, particularly tourism and trade. The entertainment and leisure industry had the largest decrease, as turnover fell by
Bon appétit, Finland! How can Estonian food make its way onto the shelves of Finnish retail chains?
We believe that Estonia has the world’s greatest bread, sour cream, smoked sausage and many other food items that are more delicious here than anywhere else. Do the Finns know? Do they agree with us? How many Estonian food items do Finns want to eat – if any at all? Do Finns still prefer to eat meat or is veganism gaining popularity? Is Finland the appropriate foreign market for Estonian food producers? The Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Andres Sutti, along with members of the Estonian food producers’ delegation, got answers to these questions as well as many others