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Nortal is Company of the Year 2020

EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus
20. October 2020
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On 8 October, the ‘Best Estonian Companies 2020’ awards recognised the best companies in Estonia. The title of Company of the Year went to one of the leading Estonian IT companies, Nortal AS. The Company of the Year was selected from the best of the Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and Estonian Employers’ Confederation competition ‘Entrepreneurship Awards’ and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ‘Competitiveness Ranking’.

Nortal stood out among tight competition thanks to its notably strong economic results and high salary level. It is a major company that can still grow quickly,” said EAS Chairman of the Board Peeter Raudsepp. According to him, Nortal is the leader of Estonian IT, developing future technology as a pioneer in its field. “Working in European, Middle Eastern and American markets, Nortal has become a strong exporter, but also an ambassador for Estonian digital character across the world,” said Raudsepp. He added that the winners of all categories are characterised by international ambition and a focus on innovation, which is the basis for our economic development.

“In addition to excellent financial results, Nortal has shown the capability to sense future trends and, by smart planning, they have reached their goals. It is clear that the development of our IT sector has a positive effect on other sectors and boosts innovation,” said Director of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation Arto Aas. According to him, the crisis period indicated the advantage both companies and citizens get from being active in e-areas. “E-solutions were up and running in Estonia even when normal life was on hold in many other countries, and this was all thanks to companies like today’s winner, Nortal.”

Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Toomas Luman said, commenting on the competition winners, that as in recent years, this year too indicated important changes among the best in specific fields. “The economic environment has undergone changes over the past few years, and the image we have today and tomorrow will surely once again differ from that of the past.” He added that such dynamics will likely be visible for years to come because the future seems rather uncertain and turbulent. “Entrepreneurs who are ready to push forwards and be responsible to the state as owners, employees and taxpayers deserve our respect and recognition,” said Luman, calling everyone to notice, listing the entrepreneurs outside the award ceremonies, and to value the entrepreneurial approach more in other spheres, including education.

EAS and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation Entrepreneurship Award 2020 winners:

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Competitiveness Ranking 2020 winners:

Most competitive companies of 2020 in Estonia by area of activity:

  • Most competitive communication and IT company 2020 – Telia Eesti AS
  • Most competitive industrial and energy company 2020 – Cleveron AS
  • Most competitive food industry company 2020 – Liviko AS
  • Most competitive financial brokerage company 2020 – Tavid AS
  • Most competitive wholesale company 2020 – Baltic Agro AS
  • Most competitive tourism and catering company 2020 – Lydia Hotell OÜ
  • Most competitive retail company 2020 – Selver AS
  • Most competitive construction company 2020 – Merko Ehitus AS
  • Most competitive service company 2020 – Spacecom AS
  • Most competitive real estate company 2020 – Kapitel AS
  • Most competitive transport and logistics company 2020 – Tallink Grupp AS
  • Most competitive agriculture, forestry and fishery company 2020 – Tornator Eesti OÜ
  • Most competitive project design and architecture company 2020 – Systemtest OÜ

The lists of companies in the Competitiveness Ranking are available (in Estonian) at:  

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications recognised VIVITA’s Creativity Accelerator for kids and youths and Merkuur’s Mobile Workshops with an award for promoting entrepreneurship.

The Company of the Year was elected by a notable jury including: Member of the Board of Estonian Cell AS (Company of the Year 2019) Siiri Lahe, Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology Raul Siem, President of the Bank of Estonia Madis Müller, Chairman of the Board of Universities Estonia and Rector of the Estonian University of Life Sciences Mait Klaassen, Director General of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mait Palts, Director of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation Arto Aas, Director of the Responsible Entrepreneurship Forum Kristiina Esop, Roche Eesti OÜ CEO Kadri Mägi-Lehtsi and EAS Chairman of the Management Board Peeter Raudsepp.

The entrepreneurship competition ‘Best Estonian Companies’ is organised by Enterprise Estonia (EAS), the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.


The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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