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international conference grant

We support the organisation of international conferences in Estonia and their marketing in foreign markets to increase the number of foreign visitors with higher purchasing power in Estonia and to increase recognition of Estonia as a tourist country in foreign markets.

The deadline for submission of application is 16.06.2023 at 16:00.

international conference grant
Maximum grant
30 000
Total grant amount
225 000
Difficulty level

what conferences are applicable for the grant?

You can apply for the grant for a conference:

  • that is a scientific, professional or interest-related international gathering with presentations and discussions or international meeting of representatives of countries, organisations or agencies to discuss sectoral topics and resolve issues.
    A training, study trip, competition, trade fair, work meeting, information day or exhibition are not considered as conferences;
  • whose programme lasts at least two consecutive days and includes topical content of the conference on at least two days;
  • that has at least 120 foreign participants if the conference is held in Tallinn or at least 60 if the conference is held elsewhere in Estonia;
  • for which marketing activities are carried out in at least two foreign markets and that include providing information about tourism opportunities in Estonia;
  • the organisation of which follows the principles of sustainability, accessibility, gender equality and equal treatment;
  • whose marketing channels (conference website, Facebook page, etc.) and venue refer to, a website introducing Estonia;
  • for which the grant application has been submitted at least four months before the start of the conference.
  • The earlier start date of the project activities may be the application submission date and the activities must be carried out within 24 months, but by no later than 31 October 2029.

The grant can be applied for by a state and local authority establishment and a legal person that is registered in Estonia.

what activities are supported?

The activities of a project related to the organisation of the conference are carried out within 24 months and the activities of a project are necessary and related to organising a conference.

  • Marketing activities in foreign countries
  • Transport and accommodation of persons arriving from foreign countries
  • Activities related to organising the conference

  • Marketing expenses in foreign countries, for example:
    • expenses related to the preparation of the conference’s marketing activities abroad (marketing employee’s salary, creating advertising, translation, design, etc.).
    • creating a conference website in foreign languages.
    • expenses related to the conference’s marketing at foreign trade fairs and other events in foreign countries (transportation, accommodation, participation fees, renting rooms);
  • transportation and accommodation expenses of persons from foreign countries involved in the organisation of the conference (e.g. speakers, organisers, journalists) before or during the conference;
  • expenses of international television and web broadcasts;
  • expenses related to organising the conference, for example:
    •  fees of speakers, costs related to renting necessary technical and other equipment, premises and land, conference organisation services, parking management services, costs related to ensuring accessibility (e.g. special transport, rental of loop amplifiers, sign language translation, written translation), costs of organising translation, creating and processing photo, audio or video recordings.
  • Expenses related to collecting and analysing the visitors’ statistics and feedback;
  • expenses for complying with the notification obligation of structural support.

assist for applicant

Information centre

[email protected]

+372 627 9700

Application for support can be submitted by legal persons registered in Estonia (company, nonprofit organisation or public authorities) and application for support must be in Estonian.

Terms and conditions of and procedure for supporting international events and conferences

The deadline for submission of application is 16.06.2023 at 16:00.

To apply, please follow the instructions on the Estonian support website