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Grant for international events

We support the organisation of an international cultural or sports events in Estonia and their marketing in foreign markets to increase the number of foreign visitors with higher purchasing power in Estonia and to increase recognition of Estonia as a tourist country in foreign markets.

An international sports event is an international public event or competition in any sports, which follows the regulations or the rules of the code of conduct of the sport.

An international cultural event is an international public event whose purpose is to introduce and promote culture.

The 2023 grant application round has ended. A new round of applications is being planned for the autumn of 2024.

Terms and conditions of and procedure for supporting international events and conferences



Grant for international events
Maximum grant
75 000
Total grant amount
2 300 000

For which cultural or sports events can a grant be applied for?

You can apply for the grant for an international one-​year event

  • that helps to increase Estonia’s reputation as a destination of cultural events;
  • that takes place in Estonia and is of international interest;
  • that has at least 600 foreign visitors (performers, competitors, journalists, team members) if the event is held in Tallinn or at least 300 if the event is held elsewhere in Estonia;
  • whose programme lasts at least two consecutive days of the event;
  • for which the marketing activities are planned to be carried out in at least one foreign market and the event includes providing information about tourism opportunities in Estonia;
  • for which the organisation follows the principles of sustainability, accessibility, gender equality and equal treatment;
  • whose marketing channels (website, Facebook page, etc.) and venue refer to, a website introducing Estonia;
  • which is reported by international media;
  • for which at least two small and medium-sized enterprises serving foreign attendees has been involved in the planning and
  • for which the grant application has been submitted at least four months before the start of the event.
  • The earlier start date of the project activities may be the application submission date and the activities must be carried out within 24 months, but by no later than 31 October 2029.

Support can be applied for by an Estonian national authority, a local government unit and its institution and a legal person registered in Estonia.

Assistance for applicant

Customer Service

+372 627 9700

[email protected]

Read more about the terms and conditions in the grant regulation:

Grant regulation

Read about applying grant in Estonian here

The application can be compiled and submitted in the online E-toetus environment
Grant can be applied only in Estonian language.

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