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We facilitate recruitment of international talent

The Work in Estonia Program is dedicated to making Estonia an appealing destination for international talent. Through our portal, we provide a centralized resource for foreign individuals seeking information about living and working in Estonia, while also offering Estonian employers a platform to promote job opportunities. Moreover, we consistently market and communicate the advantages of living and working in Estonia to a global audience.

We offer holistic support for international talent and their families in Estonia. Our International House of Estonia (IHE) in Tallinn serves as a one-stop shop, providing consultations and vital public services to make their transition smoother. Whether you’re an international talent, spouse, family member, or employer, we’re here to facilitate your journey in Estonia.

International House of Estonia

Why should organizations consider hiring international talent?

Estonian labour market and future needs

  • From the research and analysis, it has appeared that in short- and long-term perspective there is a shortage of high-value creating  employees in the country.
  • In the coming 10 years we will see a lack of around 7000 top-specialists in ICT sector, and that already is taking in account the next generation coming from education system and as well the migration rate.

  • In the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field there will be missing around 2/3 of highly educated top-specialist, mostly engineers. People graduating Estonian universities will only be able to fill 1/3 of future labour market needs.
  • International recruitment is an opportunity to support the company in creation of added value and use of top-technology, have successful export and attract bigger investments.

Why should organizations consider hiring international talent?

basic education or lower 4%
secondary education 24%
vocational education 13%
bachelor and applied higher education 29%
masters 29%

ICT-specialists by education level  (2020)
Source: OSKA ICT-report

What specific outcomes does the program aim to achieve?

The goal of the program is to help fill the missing positions in the ICT sector


foreign specialist HIRED by 2025


job adds POSTED every day

Work in Estonia services

We offer company HR professionals and managers insights into the foreign recruitment process and provide ongoing support to address any inquiries that may arise. This approach ensures a seamless and transparent experience for both the company and the specialist when hiring foreign talent.

Services provided for employers:

  • Employee adaptation & language consultation – 45 min
  • International recruitment consultation – 45 min
  • Migration consultation for employers – 45 min

Book a consultation

  • All the job offers that have been posted in English to the most popular job portals in Estonia (CV Online, CV Keskus, Euraxess Estonia) are automatically fetched to our website.
  • However, if you have not posted your job offer on any of these portals, please send us a link to your active job offer via e-mail or use the form link below and we will post it manually. It is also possible to make an automatic connection between your career page and our website.
  • The Work in Estonia website receives approximately 1 100 000 visits each year, with about 192,000 people visiting the original job listings. As a result, around 68 000 applications are submitted annually.

Work in Estonia offers a marketing toolkit for those promoting career opportunities in Estonia internationally. This toolkit includes tailored marketing messages, relevant research and country reports, as well as a rich collection of photos and videos to help convey the appeal of Estonia to a global audience.

Find out more here

Work in Estonia organizes regular events for employers to share important information in regards to international recruitment and offer Estonian HR community opportunity to connect and share their experiences and best practices. Events are done face to face, in hybrid on online format. We collaborate with different partners like HR Selts, PARE, Ülemiste City to deliver the events. All online and hybrid events can be later viewed on our Work in Estonia Youtube channel.

View recordings here

We have a strong collaboration with partners in public and private sector, so we can provide employers with the relevant information about international recruitment:

  • Through “Work in Estonia HR Community” Facebook group you can have updates about our events and activities and participate in the dicussions about international recruitment and ask questions or if you wish share your experience.
  • The latest news, events, updates are sent to your inbox directly monthly.

International House of Estonia (IHE) is one-stop shop in Tallinn that provides essential consultations and public sector services to foreign specialists and local employers. Here, they can receive assistance with the necessary document processing when needed and participate in integration-supportive group events. The presence of the International House is often proof for a foreign specialist that they are indeed welcome in the country. Stay updated with our events.

Services for foreigners and their family members:

  • Adaptation to Estonia consultation – 45 min
  • Address registration – 30 min
  • Business counselling – 45 min
  • Career counselling – 60 min
  • Estonian learning opportunities consultation – 45 min
  • Kindergarten and school system in Estonia consultation – 45 min
  • Personal ID code and address registration (2 in 1) – 45 min
  • Personal ID code registration – 30 min
  • Residence permit consultation – 45 min

Find out more here

Events and Insaider

Startup Estonia is our initiative aimed to supercharge the Estonian startup ecosystem in order to be the birthplace of many more startup success stories to come. For that, we are working on making Estonia one of the world’s best places for startups


Grete Tammlo
Grete Tammlo
Technical talent recruiter, Proekspert

Proekspert has attended tech conferences abroad with Work in Estonia and I’ve always admired their professionalism. The preparations have gone well and they are good at promoting Estonia and Estonian companies abroad. I’d also like to compliment their marketing skills, because the marketing campaigns are very interesting and creative. All in all, Work in Estonia’s contribution has been really valuable to us. They’ve helped us to promote Proekspert and to recruit and relocate foreigners to Estonia.

Piret Potisepp
Piret Potisepp
Director of Services, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Work in Estonia has been a great partner to The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During the past few seasons, we’ve co-organized foreigner recruitment meetups. The meetups serve a basis to share experience among HR-specialists whose daily work is related to attracting foreigner specialists to Estonia and companies. Throughout organizing these events, we’ve witnessed the rising number of companies who are recruiting talent from abroad. We’ve also seen first hand how the community has benefited from experience sharing. Work in Estonia is the best possible example of public sector initiative, which helps companies in their core business. Their team is very professional and driven- it’s been a joy to work with them.

Mare Aasma
Mare Aasma
Recruiter, Finestmedia

We have co-operated with Work in Estonia regarding several recruitment campaigns (including Career Hunt Tallinn). They have helped us to find foreign talent, especially for very complex IT jobs. Work in Estonia team has always been truly helpful and I’m sure that we will work together in the future as well.

Vladimir Šaroi
Vladimir Šaroi
HR Manager, Saku Metall AS

I definitely recommend the Work in Estonia team to other companies. Especially to those companies who want to find employees from outside the European Union.

Ene Krinpus
Ene Krinpus
HR Manager, Magnetic MRO

Work in Estonia has helped us with foreign recruitment – they have helped us to find ways how to make our international employees relocation process as smooth as possible and they have given us advice on topics related to life in Estonia. Work in Estonia’s team is always full of energy. Everyone wee worked with have been friendly, professional and goal-oriented. It has been really easy to co-operate with them so we recommend Work in Estonia to everyone who needs to hire people from abroad or to help foreigners move to Estonia.

Maris Pihle
Maris Pihle
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Genius Sports

We’ve collaborated with Work in Estonia on various different events and we’ve been very satisfied with the results. This collaboration has brought us new opportunities to reach potential future employees. Work in Estonia team members have a positive attitude and they are goal-oriented, which makes them a very good partner.

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