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Expats: Estonia is the best place for digital life

EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus
30. May 2019
2 min

InterNations – the largest community of people living and working abroad – has chosen Estonia as the world’s best in the category of digital life.

“The quality and availability of digital services is extremely important to expats. Communication with close ones who live far away, hassle-free running of errands, as well as working as a digital nomad (unbound by physical location) requires high-quality digital services and it is a joy to see that Estonia truly shines in this field,” Deputy Director of Work in Estonia Programme of Enterprise Estonia Triin Visnapuu-Sepp said.

When evaluating the level of digital life abroad, expats rated their satisfaction in the following categories: unrestricted access to online services such as social media, availability of government services online, ease of getting a local mobile number, options to pay without cash, and high-speed internet at home.

Expats found Estonia to be the best in the world (among the 68 countries rated) in terms of internet access and the availability of administrative and government services online; the option of cashless payments in virtually all situations was also highly appreciated. 94% of respondents were impressed with the e-services provided in Estonia (the global average was 55%) and 70% of them gave the highest rating to Estonian e-services.

Estonia was followed by Finland, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand in the digital life category. Myanmar, China and Egypt hold the lowest ranking in the list of countries evaluated in the report.

InterNations is the world’s largest international community of people who live and work abroad. InterNations provides opportunities for international networking by way of local events and local information that is important to expats. InterNations has 3.5 million members and it is active in 420 cities across the world.

Work in Estonia is a national programme created in cooperation with Estonian enterprises in order to help Estonian enterprises find and hire top-level experts from all over the world.

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