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Estonia supports 30 applied research and product development projects with 19.4 million euros

EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus
9. February 2022
15 min

In the second round of Enterprise Estonia’s Applied Research Program, 30 projects received support in the total amount of 19.4 million euros. The distribution of funding covers many different topics from biotechnology and medicine to plastics recycling, smart aircraft interiors, maritime traffic monitoring and innovative security scanning of various opaque objects.

According to Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Andres Sutt, the Applied Research Program helps companies with formulating, finding suitable cooperation partners for, financing and launching knowledge-intensive R&D work. “Through the Applied Research Program, the state helps Estonian companies to develop new smart and technology-intensive products and services that create high value-added jobs and increase Estonia’s international competitiveness,” said Sutt.

According to the Minister, it is positive that there is a queue of high-quality research and development projects in the Program. “Excellent research and development projects are being carried out in Estonia, be it self-driving cars, biomedicine, waste and oil shale ash recycling, cyber security solutions or 3D printed orthoses,” added Sutt.

According to Madis Raukas, head of the Applied Research Program of Enterprise Estonia, the second application round of the program was even more popular than the first. It also saw a larger share of projects to be implemented in cooperation with various R&D institutions.

“Although the largest number of projects came from the field of biotechnology and health, the cross-section of applicants was very diverse. For example, a small company called GeneCode is researching new candidates to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease while the more established Clinic of Regenerative Surgery is working with autologous stem cells for treatment of vascular diseases,” said Raukas, also citing  examples of Eesti Energia and Enefit Outotec Technology collaboration and Viru Keemia Grupp, who are all developing solutions that could recycle the most problematic plastic waste materials.

“Diversity was also reflected in the fact that among the recipients of support were both – companies with a long history and start-ups, both – Estonian and partly based on foreign capital, both – those who had already participated in research cooperations and those who did so for the first time,” Raukas explained.

Besides financial support, counseling also carries a very important role in the Program. During the first year of the Program, more than 200 companies turned to Enterprise Estonia for advice on R&D plans. Most of them are already operating companies in the manufacturing and ICT sectors, but new enterprises and start-ups also form an important group. For example, the experts of Enterprise Estonia help companies to reflect their development ideas against market trends and, if necessary, help them find a suitable research and development service provider.

Projects participating in the Program are evaluated by independent experts. The panel is made up of a number of recognized entrepreneurs, all of whom have an extensive experience in R&D and introducing the resulting products and services to the market.

Application submission for the next round of the Applied Research Program formally opens in Spring, with the need-based consulting taking place already now on a regular basis.

Applied research is an original study to acquire new knowledge with the aim of practical application and potential use for commercial purposes. The projects can be done entirely in-house or involve a research and development partner from Estonia or abroad.

Projects supported by the Applied Research Program are funded from the European Regional Development Fund and the Union’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

Overview of projects funded in the second round of the EE Applied Research Program:

Beneficiary Project name A brief published summary of the project Project cost – amount of eligible cost Amount of support requested
Magnetic MRO AS Smart aircraft interior solutions  Development of smart interior solutions for aircraft. 677 458,00 474 220,60
GeneCode AS Conducting an applied study in GeneGode AS to conduct the preclinical research phase of a parkinson’s drug candidate – From hit to lead / GDNF Mimetics  Recent studies of the Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF), derived from glial cells, show thatGDNF is the first substance to indicate a slowdown in disease progression inParkinson’s disease (PD), while existing PD treatments only relieve symptoms, failing to stop, prevent or restore neuronal degeneration. GeneCode has discovered a set of small molecules (GDNF replicators) that could provide a breakthrough in the provision of new therapies to delay or stop PD progression. 2 547 978,00 1 998 632,40
Eesti Energia AS Production of liquid fuels made of non-recyclable plastics – bench tests  Eesti Energia and Enefit Outotec Tecnology have started development work on a solution that would enable the most problematic waste plastics to be handled. The project focuses on the study of the replacement of oil shale with non-recyclable waste plastic, assuming that it will expand the use of Enefit technology developed by Enefit Outotec Technology and increase the quality of liquid fuel produced in Eesti Energia oil plants, increasing its added value and reducing CO2 emissions. 330 184,00 165 092,00
Taastuva Kirurgia Kliinik AS (Regenerative Surgery Clinic) Use of activated autologous mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases  The aim of this project is to develop a novel cellular drug for the treatment of ischemic blood vessels. The drug being developed is a technology because it is produced from a patient’s stem cells in each specific case. This technology is based on our (TKK and CT) patent application, which is in the international phase and which we have received a positive assessment by experts. This treatment technology allows to save up to 30% of the limbs, which today are amputated due to ischemia. 1 773 000,00 1 155 500,00
Activate Health OÜ Digital drug “Activate”  Estonia’s first digital drug aimed at early detection of chronic diseases, evidence-based personalised prevention and support for treatment, i.e. software-based medical device ( Software-as-a-Medical Device). 1 050 000,00 772 500,00
R-S OSA Service Ltd Applied research on PCC production from deposited ash  RS-OSA Service OÜ is further developing oil shale ash valuation technology. The project pilots the technology on a semi-industrial scale and develops the primary design and structure of the production unit for industrial scale implementation. 3 590 336,00 1 795 168,00
GScan Ltd Postal and baggage scanner based on natural atmospheric radiation  GScan OÜ is developing a fully automatic tomograph based on natural atmospheric radiation. The device is designed for use in customs and security systems for screening luggage, people, cars, containers, etc. The technology detects the chemical composition of objects and automatically signals explosives, drugs and other prohibited, dangerous or undeclared goods. During the project, the technology of tomographic equipment will be further developed with the aim of reducing the cost of the equipment. 2 082 500,00 1 468 500,00
AuVe Tech Ltd Development of second-generation autonomous shuttle  Auve Tech is developing a second-generation autonomous vehicle that meets level 4 autonomy. This means that the self-driving vehicle can operate without an operator on board, who instead remotely monitors about 10 vehicles at a time to intervene if necessary. As a result of this project, Auve Tech’s self-driving vehicle is ready for small-scale serial production and commercialization. 668 890,00 309 684,00
Cybernetica AS Vessel Traffic and Maritime Surveillance System  The aim of the project is to bring new technology TDOA to the market and to develop a marine traffic monitoring product for the international market. Maritime surveillance solution requires the integration of the systems that have thus far have been separated to create a common situational awareness information system and the provision of a new level of user experience. The result of the project is a unified software platform that can manage all modern maritime traffic communication and monitoring channels – radar image, camera image, VHF radio communication, AIS, map application, etc. 599 300,00 280 105,00
AS Toidu- ja Fermentatsioonitehnoloogia Arenduskeskus (Food and Fermentation Technology Development Centre) Creating a platform for optimizing industrial production of probiotic microbial formations: CoFerm  The project is developing a solution that would allow the production of many probiotic bacteria in one production cycle. Increasing the development capacity of microbial communities’ cultivation processes enables to provide service not only to existing probiotic manufacturers, but also to microbial therapeutics companies. The project will create a platform that will enable the development of growth environments and conditions that ensure the production of stable microbial communities on an industrial scale. 388 273,33 232 964,00
Hemptec OÜ Applied study to optimize the extraction process of CBD isolate from industrial hemp  Pure cannabidiol isolate and distillate are an input component with high added value and application in many industries, on the basis of which, for example, medicinal preparations, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and novel food and beverage products are made. The aim of the study is to optimise the CBD extraction process for local raw materials and to scale the results to the industrial level in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner in order to reach competitive production of pure isolate 412 222,90 288 556,03
Mindworks Industries OÜ Applied study of the interoperability of sustainable consumption information and product life support environment The after-sale lifecycle support environment creates a digital platform with microservices aimed at commodity brands that enables consumers to manage the lifecycle of things conveniently in line with the visions and regulations of the European Green Deal. With proof-of-concept the support and extension of the lifecycle of durable goods can be demonstrated thanks to better information and a semi-automatic user interface. The system interoperability solution requires minimal changes by brands to their data systems. 597 000,00 461 400,00
Glasstress OÜ Development of methodology for measuring near-surface stresses: algorithms, optics experiments and prototype (to TRL5 level) Development of methodology for measuring near-surface stresses: algorithms and optics experiments. 143 000,00 114 400,00
Better Medicine OÜ Better Medicine AI  Better Medicine AI (BMAI) is an artificial intelligence that is worth saving radiologist time by analyzing CT images, estimated at 40-60% cancer. In addition to time savings and direct financial savings, the use of artificial intelligence has important potential to improve the quality of medical care. For example, it is estimated that AI can save between 36,000 and 41,000 lives a year using X-rays, CT and MRI. 1 299 294,02 842 357,24
Tervisetehnoloogiate Arenduskeskus AS (Health Technologies Development Centre) Applied research for the extracellular vesicle-enabled non- invasive personalized medicine testing and treatment for assisted reproduction and prenatal medicine (EVREM, Extracellular Vesicles in REproductive Medicine)  The applicant in cooperation with HansaBioMed Life Sciences OÜ and researchers from the University of Tartu are conducting an applied study with the aim of creating and validating novel prototypes of non-invasive diagnostic and treatment technologies based on extracellular vesicles that correspond to the technology readiness level 5 (TRL5). The personalized medicine technologies being created will help families who are prevented from having children because of medical problems become parents to a healthy child. 1 763 800,00 1 290 786,00
Hundipea OÜ Digital tool for designing energy supply and construction solutions for a climate-neutral region  The project will develop a model-based digital tool to plan energy supply and construction solutions for an area with climate-neutral energy efficiency at an early stage of planning. The input of the model is the conditions arising from the characteristics of the area being developed and the variables defined by the team. The output of the model is the parameters on the basis of which the initial tasks of local energy supply and building design can be drawn up. 646 250,00 323 125,00
Chocolala OÜ Development of health-supporting chocolate products  Chocolala wants to develop a new line of health-supporting chocolate products. The series would include chocolates with various healthy additives. The additives we wish to use have been discovered by or recommended by Estonian scientists. 148 000,00 103 600,00
Viru Keemia Grupp AS Waste2Oil  The aim of the project is to develop oil production technology from mixed plastic waste and organics-containing waste on the basis of the solid heat carrier process, thereby contributing to the circular economy of hard-to-recover plastic waste. 565 546,09 280 608,30
Find.Fashion OÜ Find.Fashion applied research to develop a search engine Within the framework of this project, FIND.Fashion OÜ is developing a new visual fashion search engine with artificial intelligence, which enables the customers of the online store to use an innovative search solution for discovering visual goods. The project will conduct an applied study to develop an artificial intelligence algorithm and optimize the user interface. 1 194 600,00 722 420,00
Transformative AI OÜ Applied research for CodeRhythm™ predictive monitoring  Transformative AI is developing a CodeRhythm solution that can predict sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) with >98% accuracy up to an hour before the onset of the seizure. The finished solution will be integrated into patient monitoring systems, which are already used in hospitals today. The use of the CodeRhythm solution makes it significantly better to prevent the occurrence of SCA, thereby leading to a reduction in mortality and a decrease in health care costs. 602 108,75 421 476,13
CybExer Technologies OÜ Cybersecurity testing on cyber range based on digital functional clone of a satellite  The aim of the project is to facilitate the testing of technologies for cybersecurity by creating knowledge of the creation of digital functional clones for cyber testing in the cyber training ground. This study is done on the example of the satellite ESTCube-2 and its control and communication systems. The field of space technology and the number of services dependent on space technologies are growing rapidly, as is the need for cybertesting of these technologies. The methodology being developed is also applicable in other sectors. 560 000,00 392 000,00
SK ID Solutions AS eKukkur (Smart Wallet)  The aim of the project is to make the necessary preparations and to create the necessary commercial and technological base for the provision of next-generation eID services, which enables identity verification in both the digital and physical worlds through the same technical solution, and in addition to their identity, the user can also share the data related to himself or her. 1 438 494,00 990 161,10
Respiray LLC Next generation personal protective equipment  The aim of the project is to prove the safe and effective use of UV-C light in personal protective equipment, which enables to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly protective equipment than the solutions currently in use. During the project, Respiray OÜ will develop the first product based on its UV-C module, which is a reusable respirator filter unique in the world that lasts 10-20x longer than existing solutions. 419 045,00 291 631,50
East Tallinn Central Hospital Create a digital service model for patient-adapted 3D printed orthoses  Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla AS (East Tallinn Central Hospital), in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, the University of Tartu and the Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre, are developing a digital service model for the production of 3D printed orthoses adapted to the patient. For this purpose, a corresponding implementation study will be carried out in 2022-2023. At the end of the project, it is planned to reach the level of TRL5 and the system will be demonstrated as complete in laboratory conditions. 394 817,04 256 631,08
Cognuse OÜ CoNurse  CoNurse is a protocol adherence mobile application which supports its users by providing step-by-step, institution-specific guidelines for clinical protocols. The aim of the project is to expand the functionalities of CoNurse through developing a stochastic model for implementing smart and dynamic protocol delivery. Instead of manually choosing the guidelines, the model will allow CoNurse to initiate guidance based on continuously monitored input parameters as well as previously set rules. 809 636,00 561 165,75
Dermtest OÜ Digital medical device therapy platform-application for patients with a complex chronic skin condition  The aim of the project is to create a therapy application for chronic long-term skin disease. The application is created as a certified medical device that can be prescribed to patients by doctors. For people, a near-AI app provides support in living with the disease, improves quality of life, gives recommendations to control the disease and reduce the risk of comorbidities. 500 367,00 350 256,90
Graanul Biotech OÜ Development of birchwood micro- and nano-crystalline cellulose production technologies and mapping of application areas  The project develops special cellulose production technologies based on innovative wood pre-treatment and maps the areas of use of these materials. 2 636 000,00 1 260 000,00
Skeleton Technologies OÜ ADESAS, Advanced Energy Storage for Automated Systems  The aim of the project is to develop modular technologies for the launch of the new “SuperBattery” energy storage technology. The SuperBattery is like an overpowering battery that can be charged in 30 seconds instead of hours, while achieving 90% efficiency. With these performance indicators, SuperBattery offers fundamentally different specifications than ubiquitous lithium batteries. 769 784,01 358 352,29
KappaZeta OÜ Satellite monitoring-based services for the insurance sector – CropCop  Kappazeta is a developer of satellite monitoring-based services and products. As a result of the applied research project CropCop, we are developing tools based on satellite monitoring for financial companies providing crop insurance in the course of processing loss events to improve the procedural process, assess the risk profile of policyholders and estimate the volume of damages. The implementation and combination of these products will allow insurance companies to streamline their core processes and bring new insurance products to the market. 654 300,00 434 760,00
Eleon AS Eleons’ 5+ SCG wind turbine model product development The aim of this project is to develop and install an Eleon 5+ SCG test wind turbine and carry our necessary test procedures and sertification processes in order to validate the end product and move it into series production. In addition, the company will apply for patents to all key technical solutions. 4 398 000,00 978 559,16

Enterprise Estonia and KredEx merged legally on 4 January. This marked the beginning of a transition phase in which a new structure and brand will be created for the joint organisation. Until then, the provision of services under the existing brands, ie Enterprise Estonia and KredEx, will continue. The substantive merger will be completed during 2022.

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