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Estonia Launches the Go Global 2022 awards program

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26. July 2022
4 min

The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine was held in Istanbul, Türkiye on the 21st and 22nd July 2022, focused on bringing together high-level political, public sector, and business leaders from Fortune 500 companies from across the globe to look at rebuilding Ukraine, discuss investment and trade opportunities, address the challenges to regional and global supply chains, and work to ensure economic continuity for Ukraine and its trade partners through new cooperation channels and agreements.

In attendance and speaking on behalf of the Ukrainian government were the Hon. Dmytro Natalukha, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Parliamentary Committee, Member of Parliament of Ukraine; the Hon. Yelyzaveta Yasko, Head of Interparliamentary Cooperation, Bilateral and Multilateral Relations Committee on Foreign Affairs & Interparliamentary Cooperation, Member of Parliament of Ukraine; and the Hon. Halyna Yanchenko, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine and Secretary of the National Investment Council of Ukraine.

Sven Aulik, Head of Export Advisers at The Estonian Business & Innovation Agency, joined a panel focusing on the changing face of foreign direct investment and new models for cooperative trade. The panel discussed the changes being seen in investor confidence and how the government investment promotion agencies (IPAs) are overcoming those challenges and creating new collaborative opportunities, both at home and abroad. Panelists also tackled how different government IPAs are supporting temporary business relocations – maintaining an eye towards a future return and rebuilding effort, rather than a permanent absorption of Ukrainian firms and talent by host countries.

„Estonia has been a strong contributor to Ukraine’s digital development, helping the country to maintain its continuity of governmental services throughout this war. But Estonian cooperation and support of Ukraine doesn’t stop there. Our companies are not only looking to support Ukraine with goods and services needed for the nation’s reconstruction, but are also eager to become active members of the Ukrainian business environment directly, and several are exploring plans for establishing local operations and production facilities in the country”, stated Aulik in reference to the discussion topic.

Mr. Aulik was accompanied on the panel by Mr. Achim Hartig, Managing Director of Germany Trade and Invest, serving as moderator, and fellow panelists Mr. Bogdan Bogdanov, Executive Director of InvestBulgaria, Eva Jungmannova, Director of Investment and Foreign Operations at Czech Invest, Iveta Strupkāja, Deputy Director in Charge of Export at the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia; Kieran Donoghue, Global Head of Strategy, Policy and International Financial Services at IDA Ireland; Stelian Manic, Director General at Invest Moldova; and Sergiy Tsivkach, CEO of UkraineInvest, who joined the panel remotely from active military duty in Ukraine.

At the conclusion of the panel, the International Trade Council presented Mr. Aulik with The Estonian Business and Innovation Agency’s 2021 award, recognizing the agency as the leading Trade Promotion Organization in the world, which could not be presented in person last year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Together, Mr. Aulik and the International Trade Council also announced the launch of the 2022 Go Globals Awards program, taking place in Tallinn, Estonia on October 19th to 21st. During his address, Mr. Aulik extended an invitation to all in attendance during the forum in Istanbul to come to Tallinn in October to continue the important dialogues and conversations being started today at the Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine.

The Go Global Awards will celebrate companies that are driving the economy forward thanks to their innovations, technologies, and strategies. This year, the awards ceremony and the preceding conference program will focus on the main themes of Global Supply Chain diversification and reorganization, digitalization, and the future of work and education. Each theme was selected for its hyper urgency and relevancy to the global conversation around Ukraine and the economic impact the war is having on the region and the world.

The Go Global Awards and Conference brings together hundreds of senior executives from some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers, re-manufacturers and exporters, along with representatives from government bodies, trade associations, venture capital firms and financial institutions. This years ceremony and the preceding conference program will take place in Tallinn, Estonia as Enterprise Estonia won the best Trade Promotion Agency title in the last year’s edition.

While the Go Global Awards offer the opportunity to be recognized and honored by their peers it also goes beyond winning trophies and citations. The program aims to build a community of manufacturers, exporters, investors, and related service providers to support one another, share ideas, create partnerships and build on their existing knowledge and connections.

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