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An Export Adviser of Enterprise Estonia started work in New York

EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus
5. July 2019
3 min

James S. York began work at Enterprise Estonia as an Export Adviser in New York. Thanks to his help companies can strengthen their economic relations with USA and increase export opportunities.

According to Tanel Rebane, Director of the Trade Development Agency of Enterprise Estonia, USA is an increasing export market for Estonia, thus it is important that we have an Export Adviser present in New York who is familiar with local circumstances and able to help Estonian entrepreneurs. “In terms of making business, a local partner is often necessary, however, they are difficult to find without an adviser,” told Rebane.

Export Adviser James S. York said that New York is the business capital and meeting place for the entire world. “It is true that if you can make it in New York, you can make it everywhere. A foreign office in New York is immensely beneficial for Estonian companies, as New York and its people are the gateway to the rest of the US,” added York. He points out that entrepreneurs should certainly realise that USA is not a single market. “There are 50 local markets here, each with their own features, rules and regulations.”

York believes that he will initially be most engaged in discovering and finding new opportunities for manufacturers of Estonian food and alcohol. “This is an area with highly complex regulations, where I can be of huge help to companies upon entering the market,” he added.

James S. York is also familiar with the conditions in Estonia, as he came to live here ten years ago along with his Estonian wife. Currently, he resides in Estonia as well as New York. “As a native New Yorker with an Estonian family, it is as if I am a bridge builder for new relations and a creator of new opportunities between my two homes: Estonia and USA,” he added.

Along with New York, the export advisers of Enterprise Estonia are represented in a total of 14 markets. In Asia, there are offices in Singapore, India, China, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. The European offices are located in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

According to the Statistics Estonia, USA was one of the countries to which export increased the most last year. Goods in the amount of 929 million euros were exported to USA last year. USA served as the fourth most important export market for Estonia that year.

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