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who is the grant meant for

Companies entered in the Estonian Commercial Register whose area of activity is among the following areas can apply for the grant:

  • mining
  • manufacturing
  • supply of power, gas, steam and conditioned air
  • information and communication
  • professional, scientific and technical activities
  • The applicant must pass the mandatory preliminary consultation prior to the submission of an application.

Please contact your client manager or fill in the “Eelnõustamisele (Preliminary Consultation)” form in Estonian web-page to make an appointment for the preliminary consultation.

what will change in my company?

The company’s competitiveness will increase

Sales revenue from products and services will increase

Added value per employee will increase

assistance for applicant

Jaak Puistama

Business Consultant at Grant Centre

+372 505 9288

[email protected]

Information Centre

+372 627 9700

[email protected]

Read more about the terms and conditions of the grant in the grant regulation:

Grant regulation

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