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Our activities contribute to achieving the long-term strategic goals of the Estonian economy and our further aim is to facilitate the process of Estonia becoming one of the most competitive countries in the world.

how can we help Estonian companies?


Introducing opportunities for bringing your company to a new level through business model innovation.


Sharing expert know-how and connecting you with right partners for your business development.


Supporting your ambitious ideas as well as assisting in finding international funding opportunities.

European Space Agency seeks proposals to improve cyber security of space systems

The European Space Agency (ESA) has once again opened the opportunity for Estonia to contribute to the development of space cyber security via the ESA General Support Technology Programme (GSTP). Extended deadline! The Estonian Space Office space cyber security call for ideas will remain open until 31 December 2020. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications paved the way for the space cyber security initiative  in the ‘Estonian space policy and programme 2020-2027’. The long-term goal of this cooperation between Estonian entities and ESA is to create an opportunity for Estonian companies to validate their technology, products and services in orbit

Entrepreneurship awards 2020 to also recognise adaptability

At the start of the year, no one could have predicted the devastating effect coronavirus would have on the Estonian or global economy. Local companies have had to adapt quickly to the new situation, resulting in a variety of new initiatives and changes to business models. Many have had to change tack mid-course, and we will have to wait until autumn to see more clearly how successful the implementation of these ideas has been. A good example of a company adapting quickly is Comodule, which had previously focused on the development of communication modules for mobility solutions, but which by the

The European Space Agency and Estonian Space Office invite space companies and academia to submit ideas for the Estonian Industry Incentive Scheme

The EAS Estonian Space Office announces a Call for Ideas for mapping projects and topics that are of interest to Estonian companies and academia acting in the space sector. The collected ideas will be used for creating a roadmap for upcoming European Space Agency (ESA) Industry Incentive Scheme (IIS) calls. The Estonian IIS is part of the European Space Agency’s measures, which aim to support the integration of Estonia as a new member state to ESA programmes and improve the capability of Estonian actors to compete with other ESA member states. Unlike the majority of ESA programmes, in the case